Hull to Winestead Rail Trail

Winestead Start/Finish, Station Road , Winestead, HU12 0NH

Welcome to Hull to Winestead Rail Trail

This off road path and bridleway begins in Hull just north of HM Prison (start off Estcourt Street, west of the playing field following the path going south around the field) and takes the old rail trail through the East Yorkshire Countryside to Keyingham, then continues off-road to Winestead where Winestead Drain connects to Station Road.

Secondary Description

Code of Conduct

You are welcome to visit this rail trail on foot, with your bike or on a horse.. Please note that we do not allow camping, barbeques, or motorbikes. You can bring your dog but you should pick up after it and it should be kept under close control. Not everyone is comfortable around dogs so please be aware of this when exercising your animal.

If you are Cyclist or a horserider using the trail it is important that you ride sensibly for the ground conditions and adjust your speed when close to walkers and dogs.

Rail trails are wonderful green corridors and a special places for wildlife, please help keep them beautiful by picking up litter and avoid disturbing wildflowers.

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Hull to Winestead Rail Trail
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