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Welcome to Belvedere

If you were looking for something a bit more relaxed, then our Belvedere chalets are the ones for you. Situated on the promenade directly above our award-winning dog-friendly beach, these chalets are ideal for pet owners who want to enjoy a serene atmosphere. The chalets are in the middle of the promenade, making them perfect for afternoon strolls in the Sun. All chalets are equipped with electrics and a couple of deckchairs and patio chairs, making sure you can enjoy the quieter atmosphere in comfort. Parking, toilets, and a café are approximately a five-minute walk away, and drinking water is accessible from a water closet at the end of the chalet row.

Chalet prices

2021 Chalet Letting PricesLow Season DailyLow Season WeeklyHigh Season Daily High Season WeeklyWinter
Seabird Chalets£30£90£47£168£410
Princess Mary Promenade£27£85£45£142£350
North Marine Drive£27£85£45£142£350
South Cliff£27£85£45£142£350

High Season: 3 July - 3 September

Winter: 18 September - 18 March

Booking your chalet

To book a chalet for a day or for a week, please contact the foreshores team on 01262 678255 or email

Please note that a key deposit must be taken of £10 cash that will be returned to you when the chalet key is returned.

All keys are to be collected from the Coastal Services office located on the South Promenade at Bridlington apart from Hornsea keys, which are located in the Hornsea Coastal Services office (chalet 2) or the North Marine Drive keys which are to be collected from the Coastal Services office on the North Promenade.

Weekly let keys can be collected from 1pm on a Saturday and must be returned by 4:30pm Friday.

Daily let keys can be collected from 10am on the allotted day and must be returned by 4:30pm the same day.

Keys returned after 4:30pm (Office closed) may be deposited into the postbox on the Coastal Services Office wall. This will result in the forfeit of your £10 deposit.

If using a Belvedere or South Cliff chalet, a weekly parking permit is available from us for £10.


Pay and Display parking is available at the Harbour, on the nearby roads to the beach or use Bridlington Park and Ride.

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